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As a professional dancer turned fitness professional, movement has always been an integral part of my professional and personal life.

I am a certified Personal Trainer, Barre expert and mindful movement advocate. Taking the leap to build my own brand in 2020, my mission was to break down the Barre barrier by creating an accessible, affordable and enjoyable method.

At Your Barre Studio, I offer an athletic approach to Barre with a smart synergy of strength, mobility and mindfulness. Focusing on functional exercise, I wanted to create a low impact, cardio infused, challenging yet technical workout. A method that will not only sculpt your body but more importantly, strengthen your mind too.

Through this platform I strive to deliver a healthy and balanced approach to wellbeing, encouraging a healthy relationship with not only exercise but with yourself.

I'm at my happiest when engaging with people and I'm so grateful that I can share my love for this method with Your Barre Studio’s ever-growing community.

Katy x

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